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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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more show recap/review/spoilers
newsies: they almost kiss

So... last night's Idol. Hahah. Oh gosh. Well, let's see.

Started off with Matt. I kind of think he's awesome. Definitely one of my favorites. He performed "Let's Get it On" and I found it enjoyable.

Then... KRIS. ALLEN. OMGOSH. His wife is one lucky chick. Anyway, he did amazing. I enjoy him muchly. He did "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)". ahhh I can't wait to download it!

I forgot the rest of the order, so I'll just talk about them.

Hahaha, they're starting to criticize the people they used to pimp out so much. Like Scott and Lil. For which I am thankful. Scott did this horrific version of "You Can't Hurry Love" and Lil... well, she tried. The judges were all like "THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ~YOUR WEEK~ WHAT HAPPENED?" haha. Anoop did an ok song. I love him, but it was safe (possibly) and a little boring. Allison was decent. I hope she survives this week. Danny... was Danny. He always does the same sort of thing. Adam was alright. I prefer him to some of the contestants. He dressed up for what he believed to be the part last night, which was amusing He lacked his usual black makeup. Still had the earrings though. Michael was like... um. He seems like a nice dude, but I didn't really care about his performance. Oh, and Megan? Well... why is she even there?

I don't think the order of my favorites has changed.

Tonight I'm hoping it's either Megan or Michael leaving so that ~Anoop and Kris and Matt~ are safe. I think they will be, though.


This episode was kinda bleh for me. The whole Blair/Nate interaction at the party was kind of cliche, in my opinion. Or at least predictable for GG.

I really want an icon of Dan and Vanessa arriving at the family reunion and being like "wtf" at the helicopter.

Not a lot stood out for me in this episode.

Except for poor Chuck :( He wants the ~real~ Blair to want him, not ~fake~ Blair.

... GG needs more Eric.


Just watched this. OLIVER AND LILLY!!! Yay! I'm glad they're dating. Their fight was stupid, but Miley pointed it out as being stupid so it's all good. Oliver and Lilly act so gooey when they're dating. Ollipop and Lillipop? Lmao, seriously? Hahah, I find it so funny how they mentioned Radiohead because of recent events. Anyway, cute episode. Oh, and Jackson. Jackson loves the world! Hahah, he pretty much had no shot of getting into college, according to the woman who interviewed him. But oh well, there's always community college. The dad pulled the "mom card" on Jackson. "Your mom wouldn't be very proud of you for lying to the college recruiter." And Jackson was like, "OH MY GOD, THE MOM CARD?" and it works. Which is funny to me.

But yeah. Haha.

CHAD DYLAN COOPERRRR. I heart him. Cute episode. Basically someone's doing a show on Sonny and Chad is all like "Hey, I'm known as a dog kicker, I should try to get my reputation to be good again!" so he follows Sonny around while on the camera. Sonny finds out his real reason for acting nice, blows up at him, and *that* is shown on camera. And then she schemes to get her reputation back to normal. Sonny and Chad are so cuteee. I want an icon of them with that puppy.

I haven't watched this yet but I followed the discussion (results shows scare the crap out of me, and the one tonight is a perfect example why).



Just... thank god Michael went home. I hope Megan's next.

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I agree with you on American Idol :)
My faves are the same as well: Allison, Kris, Matt, and Anoop :)


i think michael or meagan will be leaving tonight as well.

gossip girl has been pissing me off lately.
the writers are on serious crack.

I do NOT know why Megan is still there. It's a HUGE wtf.

And I agree. I don't get GG lately, lmao. I hope it picks up.

:( I love Megan.

My favorite is Kris by far, but yeah. Michael was always just extra baggage that needed some shaving off.

It's okay! I get Megan's appeal to some, and I think she seems nice. I'm just not into her voice so much. Plus it really surprised me that she wasn't in the bottom 3 last night.

Edited at 2009-03-27 04:55 pm (UTC)

ollipop and lillipop? that's absolutely adorable. *squee*

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