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I just watched this so everything is still right in my mind. OK HERE GOES.

A plot: Alli and Johnny are back together. Alli wants Johnny to think she's cool so she sleeps with him at the ravine (lolololol the ravine. IN THE VAN no less). Alli starts feeling really crappy about it, realizes she wasn't ready, and freakkkks out. Clare keeps on giving her advice and Alli breaks up with Johnny. At the end, they get back together, with Alli making sure that Johnny KNOWS she won't have sex again for awhile. Johnny then reveals a big secret. He was *gasp* a virgin too! Lmao, does this even seem possible for Johnny DiMarco. Maybe, because he was such an asshole no girl wanted his bod. No idea.

Commentary: It is HILARIOUS that Clare hung out with the people at the ravine and talked about literature. Everyone was like "wtf who is this nerd?" It's why I love Clare though. I'm amazed by how much Johnny has changed. I used to think I'd always hate the guy, always think he was a creeptastic asshole. But I like him. I think he's decent. Next episode he supposed acts like an ass though, so I shouldn't speak too soon. But SERIOUSLY, Johnny DiMarco was a virgin? Really, writers? I guess I've been stereotyping him. It just amuses me.

B plot: PETERRRRRRRRRRRRR. Basically the plot goes like this: Peter and Riley have joined a model UN type thing. Anya kind of accidentally gets Mia freaking out about the fact that Peter represents Kenya, the country where his ex-girlfriend Darcy currently is. So Mia snoops around and finds out that Peter's thinking about doing what Darcy is doing in Kenya. She freaks out on him, and he tells her exactly what's up. She makes him choose, and he chooses her and tells Darcy he won't be going to Kenya. What does this result in? Mia bein' all, "We need to break up."

Commentary: How AWESOME is it that Peter and Riley are friends? I still can't get over it. I smile about it every time one of them is on camera. Lmao. I love them. But ugh, Mia. Why is she so stubborn? When Peter tells her that he chooses her because he's ~falling in love with her~ (*restrains self from mentioning the fact that he should be falling in love with Riley instead*) she freaks out on him and breaks up with him. I just don't get her. Why is Peter ~falling in love~ with her anyway? Psh. Darcy was so much better. I'm not biased because of my name or anything, but she WAS better.


I watched this last night so it's not as fresh in my mind as Degrassi. But things that stand out:

- David and his "don't go" signs. They all lead up to him telling the people of Gath not to leave before the peace treaty is signed. ~Woot~

- Prince Jack and his amazingness. I don't care if he's a brat; he was treated like crap. He deserves a shopping spree. And honestly, he's was being awesome with it, giving the stuff to other people. He should get away with it. He's gorgeous. Thank goodness Jack is probably in next week's episode more. Apparently he takes David out partying or something?

- Old King (king before Silas) is still alive! Silas talks to him about things and tells him someone is still alive!

- Who's Andrew?

- Princess Michelle has a secret! There's a lot of speculation about what it is. My immediate thought was that she was with some other dude and got knocked up and either had a secret abortion or had the baby and gave it up. Maybe she's supposed to marry some other guy or WAS married to some other guy. Maybe she can't have kids. Who knows? I can't wait to find out! But what was with that snub? She snubbed David! Poor Daviddd.

- Queen and her brother interacting. Oh my. This is where they mentioned Andrew isn't it?

I'm clearly going to have to rewatch this.


I think out of principle I might actually start shipping Jack/David. Not just because it's ~omg slash~. Because I do think that Michelle and David are cute when they're together. But, like... Jonathan and David in the Bible are canon. Well, it's up to interpretation, but the person who created the show interprets it that way, according to his interviews. So I guess I like both pairings. But it's two episodes in so let's see where this goes.

... Also people named Jack and David tend to belong together. Hello, Newsies!

I hope ratings will improve next week. This show is amazing. But like others have said, they put it up against Dancing With the Stars. What is America more likely to choose? Lmao.

I like how I already have a plotbunny for a fic about Kings I'm never gonna write, having to do with Michael Arden's character, Jack, and David. And slash.

Later this week: AI and Gossip Girl. I was doing homework during GG so I didn't get to watch it tonight. Idol isn't on till Wednesday this week. Bleh.
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