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Here is what I thought about performances:

Well, my three fave guys, Kris, Anoop, and Matt did not disappoint. I felt like they were the three best performers of the night and the judges totally agreed. They were SO glad Anoop did well again, and so am I though I didn't hate his "Beat It" performance from last week. probably because I didn't know the song prior to that. Anyway, they did well this week with country.


Allison - I liked her performance. I didn't zone through it like I did with her performance last week, which is a good sign.
Alexis - Was pretty decent, I thought.
Adam - UM. At least when he wasn't screeching it was ok. And he didn't screech throughout most of it, thankfully.
Danny - Eh. Not the best vocals ever. He's a good singer generally, but bad song choice in my opinion.
Lil - Wasn't so bad. I actually liked it because she's so boring when she sings her normal genre.
Michael - No. Good effort, though.
Megan - No. Judges were like "THAT WAS AWESOME FOR YOU BEING SICK AND ALL" but... she generally sucks. She's okay, but her voice sounds so generic because it's pretty much that fad nowadays. That kinda voice. KT Tunstall, Colbie Caillat, that kind of voice.
Scott - Was blah, like his performances generally are.

I seem to be posting a lot lately.
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