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I know I JUST updated. Feel free to skip. Just a sorta review of the new Degrassi.

So the A plot was about Emma ~opening up her eyes to smoking marijuana and then making brownies with it for everyone so they would know who she is. The first part of the plot was a big LOL in my opinion. I hate drug nicknames, so when they nicknamed her "blaze" I lol'd irl. The second part of the plot was good though. Basically one girl forgets her insulin because she was stoned, has a diabetic reaction, and is taken to the hospital. They do a drug search of the dorm, and Emma kinda causes Kelly, her boyfriend, to get caught. Emma offers to turn herself in because Kelly gets kicked out of the dorm, but he's all like, "Nahhh." Their relationship is cute. Emma offering to turn herself in was pretty noble. She didn't do it because Kelly didn't want her to, but at least she offered more than once.

The B plot. Oh my god, I love the niners. Haha. I just can't help it, I love them. Basically, K.C's secret is revealed - he lives in a group home with foster parents and he used to do ~bad stuff with his old friends. Like stealing cars. He just wants to be the good guy now. But Connor tracks down K.C.'s home to talk to him about basketball and offers his support, but then of course Connor goes and blurts out K.C.'s secret to these obnoxious "bad guys" who proceed to make fun of K.C. for it. He gets mad and almost violates his whole "don't do anything bad or else you go to juvie" sentence. Poor K.C. He's adorable. And Connor is a good friend to him even if he blurts stuff out sometimes. And CLARE omg. She's already acting like she and K.C. are in a relationship, though Clare would protest and call it a friendship. When K.C. won't talk to her about everything, she's all, "Why can't you talk to me about this??" and it's like "AW SHE WANTS TO BE HIS UNDERSTANDING GIRLFRIEND." They're soulmates. I hope they end up together forever and ever.

There's a Peter B plot next week I think! :D


This show has soooooooooooo many themes. All the royalty except for the princess and the queen seems to be corrupt. David isn't corrupt, he seems pretty noble. The king is kind of an asshole (he's ashamed of Jack hooking up with guys, just wait till Jack gets his boyfriend played by Michael Arden!) but I'm intrigued by his whole having-a-mistress-and-having-a-kid-with-her storyline. I also don't think I'll slash David and Jack, at least not yet. I mean, unless there's more of a reason to. I don't dislike Princess Michelle, I think they're cute together. Another big theme is family. Losing family members is something David has to deal with, and he has to be come braver than he thinks he is because of that. I don't know how to explain the show. It's complicated and has a lot of storylines, but I like it. I think I'll keep watching new episodes.

OH MY GOD SEBASTIAN STAN. After Kings and this GG episode I'm obsessed with him. And he's on GG next week! :) Messin' around with Blair.

Anyway, this week's episode was ok. Idc, I like Nate and Vanessa together. They're cute. Serena chasing after a gay guy was full of lols. Rachel being a bitch was lol worthy. Dan and Rachel having sex in the costume room was a big WTF. I didn't understand the Chuck/Elle storyline at all, even in earlier episodes. Nor did I care.

You know what this episode needed? Eric and Jonathan.


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