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Oh, Idol.

I really don't know what to think about the whole Top 12 thing right now. These are the things I am sure of:

1. The sob stories piss me off. You know, Danny's dead wife, Lil having 97239872 children, Scott being blind. The person who wins isn't going to be my idol because of a sob story. The person will be my idol because of personality and voice. While these three are good singers, I don't think that they're that marketable. I can't really see hearing them on K104 beyond their first single (the Idol season finale song).

2. The performances last night were pretty much boring to me except for Alex and Nathaniel. I actually liked Kendall too but no one else does apparently :( ... But those three didn't get voted for/picked for wildcard. I tried to vote for Alex but my calls wouldn't go through. Danny voted for Alex ten times :) Aw, I'm going to miss him :( But yeah, the other performances. I actually could not concentrate on Lil's song. But Simon called it brilliant? Really? Scott's song was cute. But just cute. And I actually like them... but they disappointed me yesterday.

3. I will continue watching because of Anoop (who will be in the wildcard round) and Kris Allen. I didn't know anything about Kris until I saw him in the results show last week but I've listened to his "Man in the Mirror" a zillion times. But without those two I'd probably skip the episodes from now till the finale. The final two are bound to be two of these: Adam, Lil, Danny, Scott.

The way they choose the top 12 is stupid. Seriously stupid. Who cares about gender balance? The guys own the girls this season anyway, so what? They should have the three groups perform, recap each episode, and have people vote once all the people have performed. And then have an episode where all 36 people are there, they reveal who got the top 12 votes. Blah.

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