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Degrassi - Heat of the Moment

Characters I like: Anya, Alli, Connor, Peter, Clare, KC, Spinner, Jay, Danny, Riley

Characters I don't like: Derek, THE SHEP, Bruce the Moose

Characters I'm neutral on: Sav, Jane, Holly J, Blue, Mia, Liberty, Kelly, Emma, Manny, Johnny, Leia

OK, so I watched this after I came back this morning because I needed a break from the world.

A plot - Holly J makes fun of Alli, Alli's all, "Well, I have a boyfriend! It's Johnny DiMarco!" Holly J is all, "LMAO" and asks him. He, of course, denies it and Holly J makes fun of Alli some more. Alli creates a group on their version of Facebook called "I Hate Holly J." and a ton of people join it and torment Holly J. until she leaves school. Alli gets in trouble with her parents and the police and the school, and Holly J. eventually comes back to Degrassi after Anya convinces her to.

B plot - Peter's dad has been leaving his baby half-sister, Angel, with him and Peter's pissed about it, but it actually turns out to be a conflict he personally has with his dad. Mia gets annoyed because Peter first says he doesn't want to take care of someone else's kid, but then Peter starts being adorable and being okay with taking care of Angel so Mia forgives him. Peter confronts his dad and says that he doesn't want Angel to go through what he went through (y'know, showing Manny's boobs to the school, planting drugs in Sean's locker, things like that, lmao) and basically calls his dad a terrible father who doesn't really know his own kids and is a workaholic.


Let's forget the A plot for a second. Can I just say... I LOVE PETER SO MUCH. It's like... weird, because this feels like an episode where you actually get a lot of information. Peter's parents had been pushing him around emotionally and he just wanted attention and THAT explains why he was such an evil jerk his first few seasons! But I never thought he was completely evil, because he did care about Emma during her eating disorder. I think he just wanted attention from whoever possible, and that meant being evil in certain situations. Whatever, HE IS A TORTURED SOUL AND I LOVE HIM. Like, when Mia freaked out on him, I freaked out on Mia, because she didn't get him. You know who would get him? Riley. PETER AND RILEY FOREVER. But Riley wasn't in this episode :( :( But yeah, Peter is adorable. And he was really cute taking care of his baby sister. I always knew he was good at heart. I think it's a sign that he changed the most when he was going out with DARCY. Awww, Peterrrr.

Okay, A Plot. I don't know, I still like Alli. I know what she did was serious. I mean there were semi-death threats in that "Facebook" group. Well, it was more like, "I WISH I COULD STRANGLE HER." But like... Holly J. "Do I really need a reason to be mean to you?" What did she expect? Not everyone is passive or submissive and not everyone is going to deal with her crap. You'd think she'd learn that after Anya, but she kept going and going. Something was bound to happen if she kept acting like a bitch. I don't hate Holly J or anything, but I do think she needs to be a little less of a bitch. But then, Degrassi isn't Degrassi without a token bitchy character. Whatever. Anyway, I like Alli. She's young and yeah, maybe that group was stupid, but she's only, what, fourteen? I wasn't that intelligent common-sense wise when I was fourteen either.

I like Anya's neutrality. I also like that Clare could see what the hate group was actually doing to Holly J. Duudee, there should have been a scene where Holly J. was crying in the bathroom or something and Clare comforted her. That'd be classic Degrassi. Anyway, I like Clare's sense of right or wrong. I wonder if that'll keep up.

Oh, lastly, a word on Johnny. Is his dating Alli illegal? I don't know. If so, I can totally see why he lied about the relationship. Not only that, but if word got back to Alli's family, she'd be in even bigger trouble. You can see that Johnny cares about her, he's just kind of scared. Alli came to the conclusion that he's a jerk if he doesn't want to date her, but he really just doesn't want anyone to get in trouble. Poor guy. Speaking of Johnny, I listened to that N'Sider podcast with the guy who plays him, and he's amazing. Just wanna say. Oh, and so is Jamie Johnston.

I also enjoyed Spinner's brief appearance.

I guess that's it?

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