Darcy (ilikehumanflesh) wrote,

Haha. Emma Roberts's new movie, Wild Child is good for the lulz. The basic summary is "a rebellious Malibu priness is shipped off to a strict English boarding school by her father." It's full of so many stereotypes and expected events that it gives me the lulz. Girl gets shipped off to boarding school. Puts up a fight at first. Meets girls that will later be her friends. There's also someone who's supposed to be the bitchy antagonist (and she has minions). Finds a love interest. Makes friends and hooks up with the guy, but puts up the front that she still wants to leave. Bitchy antagonist frames her by writing fake emails that makes everyone hate her. This movie kind of reminds me of Cadet Kelly in a way, except for a few things. I like it though, mostly because it gives me the lulz. I mean, there's nothing like breaking your Nickelodeon image through swearing (first line of the movie: "SHIT! SHIIIIT!") and alcohol and references to sex. And hooray for a happy ending!

Other stuff... I watched Shelter. It was pretty darn awesome. :D Next up are The Reader and Another Cinderella Story. I like how I keep alternating between tweeny movies and adultish drama.
Tags: movie: dcom, movie: wild child, movies: lgbt
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