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Characters I like: Anya, Alli, Connor, Peter, Clare, KC, Spinner, Jay, Danny

Characters I don't like: Derek, THE SHEP.

Characters I'm neutral on: Sav, Jane, Holly J, Blue, Mia, Riley, Liberty, Kelly, Emma, Manny, Johnny, Leia

What the heck @ Derek and Sav going back to how I felt about them before.


I love Clare. She and the niners are awesome. In this episode Connor freaked out about a bunch of stuff (and pushed Alli down) and was diagnosed with Asperger's. Meanwhile Clare staged an Emma-esque protest so that students could have lamps with them in MI because Connor wanted one. But yeah, then everyone got detention, Alli freaked out on Connor, and Connor freaked out on her. But then Mr. Simpson told Clare about Connor's diagnosis. Then Clare and the Shep had a face-off and the Shep said some evil things and they exposed him. Mr. Simpson is filling in as the acting principal while the Shep is away at a workshop, haha.

The Shep: ~something about how gifted freaks shouldn't be allowed at Degrassi~
Clare: You're a terrible principal!
The Shep: And you're a little bitch!

B story? Sav loves Anya, Anya loves Sav, Sav tells his parents, his parents are like "lolz ok bring her to dinner," Sav brings Anya to dinner, his parents are like "lolz Sav has to marry an Indian girl," Anya leaves, Sav tells his parents he won't stop seeing her. Bleh.

Derek was a jerk again in this episode, he and someone else (Bruce the Moose?) made fun of the niners. And Sav was okay again? Ughhh. Why do they keep changing?

Anyway, interesting episode.

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