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Update on characters and how I ~feel about them~

Characters I like: Anya, Alli, Connor, Peter, Clare, KC, Spinner, Jay, Danny

Characters I don't like: Sav

Characters I'm neutral on: Derek, Jane, Holly J, Blue, Mia, Sav, Riley, Liberty, Kelly, Emma, Manny, Johnny, Leia, Johnny

I don't care what anyone says. I LOVED 810 - "Bad Medicine".

So basically in this episode Riley is still freaking out about his gay thing, and viewers also find out that he's been taking steroids to boost his game. And he also decides to use Anya as a beard. Can't forget that part.

OK. I'm convinced that Peter and Riley should have a repeat of that Craig/JP Hollyoaks storyline. SERIOUSLY. I do NOT like this Camp Friend that Riley hooked up with. His attitude bugs me. Camp Friend basically thinks he has the right to invade Riley's personal space when Riley's still confused about his sexuality. And like idk, I feel like Riley needs a new potential boyfriend. WHICH IS WHY PETER SHOULD BE THAT BOYFRIEND. Honestly. Even after all that's happened, Peter keeps hanging around Riley. I know that running into him on his date with Anya was an accident, but OTHER TIMES. And at the end when Riley was freaking out about having screwed up, Peter puts his hand on Riley's shoulder and RUBS it. I don't know if Peter was SUPPOSED to do that or if Jamie Johnston decided to do that on his own, but come ON. Whatever, I ship them. They're so totally Craig and JP. Mia can be Sarah.

The Danny/Derek/Leia storyline. Omigod! I actually like Derek a little now, which means I'm neutral on him! Never thought I'd be neutral on him, but I am. I'm still not a big fan, but he did a noble thing. Maybe he's maturing slowly but surely. Danny is an awesome character and I decided to move him to my "characters I like" section. Leia, I dunno. She didn't do enough and I'm not really a fan of her after the whole Mia incident. But at least Danny's happy.

Sav has been getting on my nerves all season. I like the actor. But Sav himself? No. His jealousy thing is just ugh. I want Anya to be over him. But chances are they'll get back together. :( Anya's too good for him!

I need to write a Peter/Riley fic. Seriously. They are made for each other.

Oh, and apparently there's supposed to be a snowstorm this week? Ugh. Hopefully not on Monday when my meeting is.
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