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Okay. So. Marked. The last entry I actually wrote something about it, I basically ranted about the beginning. How the first chapter made me want throw the book out of the window. Since then, it's actually gotten better, for which I am thankful. Once you get past the first couple of chapters, it stops being as irritating as the beginning is and you actually learn what life is like at The House of Night ("vampyre boarding/finishing school"). It's actually pretty interesting. They go to class at night, sleep during the day, wear kickass uniforms (I always wanted to wear a school uniform. Shut up, they're so awesome), and I like how flawed everyone in the book actually is. No one is perfect.

Things that still irritate me:

- Damien, while the fact that he is nice, is basically The Token Gay Guy in Zoey's group of friends. This wouldn't bother me much, (because of course, would *I* really care if a guy is gay?) except for the fact that they refer to it so much. I doubt this is his whole personality PEOPLE. Gay guys and friends of gay guys don't need to keep reinforcing the fact that they're gay. I think they should build his identity more, and they have given him a few interests, but not nearly enough.
- All of the cliche names. I think I love Zoey's friends for the fact that they DON'T have cliche names.

Anyway, I don't really hate Marked anymore. I'm glad I've given it a chance and actually want to read the rest of the series, just to see where they go with all of this.
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