Darcy (ilikehumanflesh) wrote,

This week is pretty epic.

The main characters on Gossip Girl were awesome this week, minus Serena, because she didn't do that much. But Blair, Chuck, Dan, Jenny (what?!!?!), and Eric were all amazing. And no Nate :(

Jenny magically transformed or something, because she like took on the "girls of the steps"... not because she wanted to be one of them, but to help the girl they were treating like crap, despite the fact that the girl being treated like crap went back to doing it willingly at the end anyway. Eric did a LOT more in this episode than he's done since that episode "All About My Brother." Like, he was actually pretty significant in this one, and that's how I like it. I want more Jonathan! Or some other dude he hooks up with. What else... Blair and her Colony Club thing! I'm glad she realized just how ridiculous they really were when they started insulting the people she cares most about it. And she totally put them in their place. I like how she can defend Chuck and Serena because they knows them, while the Colony Club women were gossiping based on what they've just heard. She was right. Sometimes high school never ends. It was a pretty fierce moment. I like that she made an appearance with the "girls of the steps" - it shows they're still in the same group, because sometimes I wonder. Haha. And I like that she kept trying to help Chuck and actually KNOWS Chuck, while Jack was ignorant to all of Chuck's characteristics. And Dan. DAN. I know some people don't like him, or even him and Serena together, but I like both. Sometimes Dan can be a little obnoxious, but that's what makes him kind of realistic, right? Anyway, I thought he was pretty fierce in this episode. His face at the end was PERFECT. He looked kind of sick to his stomach at all that was going on. Aww :( I hope he and Serena do work out, because I love them together. And last but not least... POOR CHUCK. POOR, POOR CHUCK. He was kind of amazing looking while he was freakin' out on the roof, though. I loved that scene. He and Blair are definitely made for each other.

Coming soon... a real entry.
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