Darcy (ilikehumanflesh) wrote,

Spoiler alert!

Alright, so that was a really cute episode. I ship any possible ship on the show so it didn't sway me either way, but I really do like Sam/Freddie.

Things I loved (out of order):

- Carly called Sam out on her assholeish ways.
- Sam realizing that she was a jerk... and she went to APOLOGIZE.
- Awww, I love Freddie. Just in general.
- When they both came up with the idea to kiss, it was awesome. Because they both realized the idea at the same time and agreed to it. I was actually surprised that Sam was so willing.
- "Nice work"
- "I hate you." "Hate you too."
- Freddie sitting on the balcony listening to sad music. Awwww.
- The whole gesture thing Freddie did to Sam so she would come out onto the balcony.
- The kiss. It was awesome. I know that some Creddie and Spam, even some Seddie shippers are like "Oh, it was disappointing because Freddie was WAY more into it" but in reality, I think that was just their personalities showing. Freddie's idealized version of kissing, and Sam's "Oh my god, I'm kissing Freddie. It doesn't completely suck, but it's Freddie! WTF!" I think that later on, if they like each other, it'll develop and whatnot. I think there will be some awkward kissing and then it'll gradually become less awkward.

I wanna see where this all goes. I kind of want this all to come out in the open in the future, like they randomly start talking about it, even though they vowed not to, and Carly overhears and flips out on them for not telling her. But whatever.

It was a really awesome episode.

Tags: tv: icarly
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