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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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newsies: they almost kiss
Here is my update on characters I do/don't like

Characters I like: Anya, Alli, Connor, Peter, Clare, KC, Spinner, Jay

Characters I don't like: Derek

Characters I'm neutral on: Jane, Holly J, Blue, Danny, Mia, Sav, Riley, Liberty, Kelly, Emma, Manny, Johnny, Leia, Johnny

Hahahahah, this episode.

First off, I gotta say. I like season 8 much better now that most of the older characters have moved on. With the college characters, it was barely "Degrassi" anymore. They had weird storylines, like Marco's prostitution storyline, or the Marco/Ellie makeout storyline. It's like they ran out of stuff that was actually relevant. But with new kids, they can give us more relevant storylines. The snobs freaking out about the new kids don't even know what they're talking about.

Anyway. Now for the episode.

Basically these storylines:

- Spinner doesn't get into police college, tries to tell Jane, doesn't really get the chance, Jane hears from Holly J., and freaks out on him about it.
- Emma and Kelly cannot deny their ~unbelievable attraction~ to one another anymore.
- The dance: both Connor and KC ask Clare to the dance, while Johnny DiMarco sends Alli an anonymous flower and then tells her they can't date.

First off:

- I blame Jane for freaking out on Spinner about college. He kept trying to tell her, but either she kept interrupting or they kept being interrupted. It's NOT Spinner's fault. True, during the party she throws for him (after Holly J.) she asks him if he has anything to tell her and he says no, but really, who wants to deal with that during a party... in public? I think he would eventually tell her in private.
- Drunk!Spinner and Drunk!Jay were AMAZING. Usually I don't like drunk people, they freak me out, but on TV they're just hilarious. They talk about their girl problems, which is adorable. Jay is amazing, haha. "Love can move mountains" and him thinking that Manny answering the phone and then hanging up = love is just like AW. I personally think that it was awesome that Spinner went to Jane's house drunk and was anything but evil about it. He was so sweet throughout it all. When Jane asked him if he was drunk, he was like "YES! See, I'm not lying!" because Jane freaked out on him about lying in the first place. The ironic part is that I really don't think he was in the wrong here. And when Jane's mom came in, she asked if he was drunk, and he was like "YES I AM." Spinner is just amazing. So is Jay. I wouldn't go out with either of them, but I think I could be friends with them.
- Jimmy is proposing to his girlfriend!? They like.... just met! Well, not really, but it does seem awfully soon. Then again, Jimmy did repeat grade 12, so he is older than most high school graduates.

Emma and Kelly

- Not much I can say about this. It'll be interesting to see where this goes. It's been pretty obvious from the start that Kelly was going to hook up with one of his girl roomies. I secretly hoped it would be Liberty though. I know in their timeline JT practically just died, and I know you don't need a guy to be happy, but both Emma and Manny have already hooked up with numerous guys. Liberty had Towerz (years ago) and JT. Come on, give her a guy.

KC/Clare/Connor and Alli/Johnny

- I like KC a lot at the moment. He was really up front about wanting to go to the dance with Clare. At the end of the episode, he made it a point to tell her, "I think you should go to the dance. With me." But it wasn't really in this PUSHY way, you know? This PUSHY CHOOSE way. He just did that whole "I'm KC, you think I'm cute, I think you're cute, we should spend more time together" look when he asked her. It was adorable. And him asking her with the flower at the beginning of the episode was adorable too.
- I can't really criticize Connor here. He was following his heart. He did put Clare in a tough situation, but honestly, he's the character with Asperger's (according to spoilers) so I can't really blame him for being that bold.
- YOU GO, CLARE! She's awesome. She decided to go to the dance, rather than not going or just choosing one guy at the end. And I'm so happy that KC didn't freak when she told him. He was pretty chill about it. But seriously, I want Clare and KC to be high school sweethearts and then live happily ever after. I realllllllly want the dish on his past, though. Apparently it goes there.
- Oh Johnny. I don't know if you know, but you've changed so much. Would the OLD Johnny DiMarco react like that to Alli? Would the old Johnny send her a rose? Hahaha, I want to see where this goes. I seriously do.

Going to watch 809 now. Will update this entry so I don't clog your flists :)