January 8th, 2009

newsies: they almost kiss

Book post!

Okay. So yesterday and today I read What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know. It was AWESOME. The writing is pretty simple, but I don't think it was meant to try to be that complicated. It's the sequel to What My Mother Doesn't Know. I remember loving the first one and LOVING the main character, Sophie, when she fell in love with Robin. I have so much respect for her because she's what I couldn't be when I was her age. The second book is from Robin's point of view, and it's about the aftermath of revealing they're a couple to the rest of their high school, being outcasts, and Sophie being so REAL about it. They both are, and it's refreshing. Sophie's not happy about being an outcast and is overjoyed when her friend Rachel decides to give up being such a wimp and support her friend's decision to go out with Robin. They get into a pretty real fight, and Robin, who has been a social outcast/loser for years, finds he is more accepted at college (though he is actually in 9th grade) and hooks up with some girl when he and Sophie are in a fight. And I couldn't even hate him for it because the whole book just hit so close to home, though the situations were kind of different and probably turned out different. Robin's amazing, and I would totally be his friend now. In 9th grade, I have to admit I was more like the stupid people in his grade. The book is just amazing, and I love Sonya Sones for writing it. I need to read more of her books. Maybe during summer vacation.

I just started Marked and I'm already SO ANNOYED. Seriously. After reading the first chapter and reading the back cover, I want to throw this book out the window. Though I won't, because it belongs to Stanford Free Library. This MAIN CHARACTER. Ugh. So far she's already been "marked" by "the dead guy" and states that she has a "freakish inability to fit in" despite having a popular football player boyfriend. What? WHAT? Oh, and the back cover. Being a vampyre is normal in her world, BUT BUT BUT ... ZOEY THE MAIN CHARACTER IS THE ONE WITH SPECIAL POWERS. Given by a goddess. Why can't she just turn into a vampyre like everyone else? She really has to have special powers? Hopefully I'm being irrational here and this gets better, but I don't know.

Blah. I'm making a tag for vamp books so I can delete my Twilight tag.