November 15th, 2008

newsies: they almost kiss

I'm really fascinated.

I've been watching videos of celebrities, TV personalities, and the like, for a few hours, speaking about gay rights, same-sex marriage, and Prop 8. I think it's pretty fascinating.

There's something that always gets to me about other gay rights supporters. One thing I don't agree with them on. The people who start off their speeches, posts, or whatever with, "I'm straight, but..." such as Keith Olbermann's rant.

I DON'T think most of them do that because they're afraid of being accused of being gay. I honestly think most of them do it in a way that means, "Even though I'm straight, I support gay marriage and you don't have to be gay to support it." I think that some do that because maybe the majority of advocates they hear ARE gay. But on the-N or whatever, when people start their posts like that, other people tear them apart. And it bothers me so much.

Anyway, back to the videos.

Homework later.