October 25th, 2008

newsies: they almost kiss

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Let's see...

- I watched the new Degrassi last night. Oh, Liberty. Pretending to be ghettolicious so a sorority will want you? Poor thing. And that sorority! They thought that because she had given up a kid to adoption and JT had died obviously she came from a bad situation. I mean, yeah, Liberty has eased up throughout the whole series, but come on. Really? Oh, okay, and Holly J. Who honestly goes off to sleep with some guy just because the "whole squad has lost their v-card"? Who DOES that? I thought Holly J. was more fierce than that. She controls everything. She could have convinced the squad that virginity is cool. I mean she declared herself president by default, why can't she do that? I liked the ending with her and Blue though. They're cute. They should get together officially. Blue is such a different kind of guy you'd expect to be with her. Next week Riley kisses Peter! HECK YEA.

- New South of Nowhere. I feel so bad for the Davies girls right now. Kyla because she had a big mouth while drugged up and a video of what she said circulated the internet, and Ashley because everything seems to be out of control in her world. More than it has been, at least. Kyla did a noble thing calling a press conference and apologizing for lip syncing and lying about it. I think Ashley should at least try to understand about that video. I mean, Kyla was dating a jerkwad for a LONG time. She got drunk with him and did drugs with him. Yeah, something like this was bound to happen. OKAY and to switch to Spencer. What? She likes Jonica? I don't get it. What's so special about Jonica? I would be so turned off by the way she handles things. But apparently Spencer kisses her next week. Jonica annoys me, I don't know. She bothers me. If Spencer doesn't end up with Ashley, she should at least not end up with someone like Jonica. Come on, now.

I also have to read Paper Towns. JOHN GREEN MADE A THE-N COMMERCIAL FOR IT. I love it. I'm honored to be his myspace friend.

Maybe I will write up a review of HSM3 at some point. Note to self: do that.