October 24th, 2008

newsies: they almost kiss

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I saw High School Musical 3 tonight. I won't spoil you, but it was pretty epic. :) And the context of the song "High School Musical" turned out not to be as stupid as some people predicted!

The audience was insane! The girls behind us were like screaming at the end and when Troy came on in the beginning. There were kids dancing in the aisles during "High School Musical" and people screamed when Troy took off his shirt. The girls behind me hated Sharpay. Losers.

Maybe I will write some sort of review tomorrow or later. I'm feeling so lazy right now.

But I'll just say this: Zac's line that goes "It makes me look weird" during "A Night To Remember" is probably my favorite part of the movie right now because of the choreography that went with it.