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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

I am such a sucker for endearing people. wtf.
newsies: they almost kiss
So. My favorite episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 so far is "Spring Training". Season 1, episode 20.

It has baseball (or softball, whatev, I can't tell the difference) in it. I hate baseball. But you know what? With this episode I don't mind.

Basically Brandon and his dad, along with Steve, are coaching the West Beverly Little League. They get extra funding from the guy that's in charge of all the little leagues or something like that. Anyway, his son, Davey, is on the team and puts a lot of pressure on him to win. And this kid on the team, Noah, is kinda a sore winner and thinks he's perfect and awesome and whatever.

Brandon's boss, Nat, coaches a team made up of more disadvantaged kids, and Brandon sets up a game between his team and Nat's team. During the game, the sore winner kid picks on this kid on Nat's team who isn't doing so well. We find out later from Nat that the kid has had a tough life, in a bunch of foster homes, and whatnot. Brandon's like "wtf" and decides to secretly help out Nat's team.

At the second game between the two teams, Brandon helps out his own team though he makes sure his team knows that they should respect the other one. Noah doesn't listen, of course, and he and his friend make fun of Nat's team. Especially when Andrea brings in a girl to play for Nat's team. Of course, the first thing the girl does is hit a home run.

At the end of the game, the kid who has had a tough life is at bat and Davey is pitching. Davey's torn, because he knows that kid hasn't had it easy and he hears Noah picking on him. He's also been getting a lot of pressure from his dad. And then he thinks about what Brandon said, about treating Nat's team with respect. He knows that the kid won't hit a home run or anything unless he helps him, and basically he wants to cheer the kid up. So he throws an easy pitch to the kid and he hits a home run.

And then even though Brandon's team lost, he's happy and so is Davey. Davey's dad is like "wtf" and I think Steve's pretty happy about it too, though earlier he was making fun of the kid on Nat's team. Well, not making fun of him, but laughing when Noah made fun of him.

Oh, and Brenda found a dog without a collar and named it Wally, but it turns out it belonged to a kid on Brandon's team and was really named Rupert. When she found out the dog's name, Brenda was like "wtf".

But yeah, If I were the type of person to cry after an episode of a show I like, I would have cried after this one.