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For this past week and Gossip Girl (as soon as I watch it).

Degrassi - "Man With Two Hearts":

People might be critical of this plot because the whole "gay" plot has been done before. In fact, this plot EXACTLY has been done before, with Paige and Alex - there were just different results. But I think this one was really very interesting. I mean, Riley is pretty bold. He thinks Peter's flirting with him and just GOES for it impulsively. But what really got me was that he's so self-hating. I don't even think that's any fault of his. He's probably just been taught that it's not what he's supposed to be. I mean, he's a popular football player. He's not "supposed" to be "that way". And Peter, OH PETER. Haha. How he has improved from the first season he appeared. I love him now. I used to hate his guts. But he was actually really endearing and the fact that he didn't completely shy away from Riley after Riley kissed him - it was pretty amazing of him. I mean, yeah, he was shocked at first. And he avoided Riley and made sure EVERYONE knew about his heterosexuality by making out with Mia in the hallway... but later on he went up to Riley and offered his friendship. Of course, Riley-the-self-hating-gay-boy rejected him and called him a "fag." Peter's probably one of my favorite characters now that Jimmy and Toby are gone.

South of Nowhere - "Love and Kisses" :

I really have to say this.


I knew there was a reason I didn't like that girl. I mean, how can you treat someone's heart like a game? She offered Spencer like three drinks, flirted with her, got Spencer all drunk. Spencer kissed her, and Jonica's like, "Sorry, what? I have a gf." and Jonica's girlfriend KNOWS about this game and is OKAY with it? WHAT? That is one WEIRD relationship.

Other things... Glenn and Chelsea are perfect. Spencer and Ashley were perfect at the end. The Aiden/Kyla friendship/(maybe relationship again?) is perfect though Aiden was on the rebound. I felt so BAD for Aiden when he didn't get into the college he applied to. He's been so good lately, and he's generally been the good/slightly troubled guy throughout the whole series. I never really got the Aiden love, but now I do. And I REALLY love how Spencer's mom is so accepting now. At the end of the episode, Spencer and Ashley were dancing, and Spencer's parents came into the room and saw them, and her mom was just like "SHH let them be." it's like WOW. She's been an amazing person since the gay pride episode.

Gossip Girl - "Bonfire of the Vanity"

To me, this episode was a big WTF. The most lovable thing was Chuck. Though Chuck usually rules in general. I especially love him this season. I felt SO horrible for him when he just wanted to bond with his dad and his dad was like "WTF LOL, CHUCK?" Poor guy. And then Dan dug up dirt on Bart Bass... but instead of using it against Bart, he helped Bart and Chuck reunite. I can understand why he wanted that story so badly at first, but I'm glad he did the right thing. OK, Blair and Cyrus (Blair's mom new boyf). Blair did the right thing at the end too, though she tried to sabotage their relationship. Jenny and Agnes... wtf. At both of them. Agnes is completely insane, and Jenny is ridiculous. She wants to get emancipated? She's 15. She doesn't have any money to live on before her business picks up, does she? What about school? She said before she moved out that she was getting homeschooled, but what about now? I honestly miss the old Jenny who was trying to get into Blair's group. Even THAT Jenny was tolerable. I understand that teenagers go through issues, but really, she doesn't have to be such a brat. I used to like her. Now it's just "ehh". I also don't like her new look. The hair's fine, but she's trying too hard with the makeup. Moving on... Serena and Aaron. They're okay. lol @ Aaron being so smitten with Serena (according to Cyrus, Aaron's dad), but wanting to date multiple people at once. It's funny how everyone in this show is so interrelated. They couldn't just have Serena date someone random. They had to make that someone the son of Blair's mom's boyfriend. Yeaaaah, drama.

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