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Messy thoughts about HSM3.

Comments about HSM3.

It's all over the place, not in order at ALL.

Okay, the opening scene, "Now or Never." It was different than I expected it to be. I was glad to see that Chad and Troy were co-captains because they both deserve it. And Troy putting in Rocketman? That was awesome of him. This was the only part of the movie where I actually liked Rocketman. Before he was an egotistical whatever. I know he was supposed to be "mini Troy"... so where was his Troyness? Hopefully if all the newbie kids are in the next movie, he will have matured. It seems like it'd be an interesting plot, as Rocketman hit on Tiara at the end. We never got Troypay at all, but maybe we'll be getting mini-Troypay? I wonder what their storyline will be. Like, will Tiara's parents disapprove of Rocketman? No idea. It'd be interesting to see what fics turn up.

Anyway, the Troy/Gabriella ballad thingies. I'm just grouping them together. They were about what I expected. "Right Here, Right Now" was cute. "Can I Have This Dance"... was alright. Hahah. It reminded me of The American Mall. It's weird. The American Mall was partially based on HSM, and yet parts of this movie reminded me of The American Mall. And Troy asked Gabriella to prom by asking her what tux he should wear? What??? And she went for that?

Speaking of Troy/Gabriella, wtf was with her little dilemma thing? It's like they were trying too hard to create drama between them. Like, she tried to kick Troy out of her life early so she wouldn't have to say goodbye later on? And she really calls him "Wildcat"? That's her pet name for him? They could have made up an original pet name, couldn't they? Gabriella was one big WTF in this movie. But that's not a shock.

Chad. Oh Chad. Lmao. It was awesome that he tried to console Troy when Gabriella pulled her little "I don't want to say goodbye later" line on him. But I'm getting ahead of myself. TAYLOR MADE HIM MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF ASKING HER TO PROM? Okay, part of that was probably Chad's part. It was like Chad had to PROVE it to the whole school so they didn't suspect his affair with Ryan. Obviously. Chad doesn't seem like an emotional guy. Taylor should know this by now. Maybe she could have broken the gender barrier, recognized his insecurities, and asked him. It kind of reminded me of Sally and Derek's relationship on Life With Derek, but less so because we saw less of Chad/Taylor. Whatever, I'm convinced that Chad felt like he had something to prove and that Taylor fed into it. But I didn't completely hate Taylor here. Her being on yearbook = awesome. Yearbook pride!

OKAY. Sharpay. She has matured a LOT. Seriously. She seems to have accepted Troy and Gabriella's relationship for what it is and was only really after the lead in the play this time. And she only got it out of convenience. She sped up the Gabriella-leaving process, but Gabriella would have done it anyway. She wasn't the villain at all. She was still an ice princess, but she was a little less of an evil troll. The thing is, I tend to like Sharpay either way, hahaha. I LOVED that she's going to U of A and helping out with the next year's theatre program. But does this mean Ashley Tisdale would be returning in HSM4? Or will they make some big excuse like Julliard finally recognized her talent and accepted her? I won't be surprised if the latter happens. I loved when she finally took down Tiara. I love how she felt the NEED to take down Tiara. I LOVED the moment when she was down and was like, "Ms Evans, you're in the wrong dress." It was amazing. Hahah.

Ryan owned in this movie. I loveeeeeee how even though some of it was a Ryan/Kelsi relationship, they didn't hook up. Because I feel like they wanted to satisfy the parents of the little kids who are seeing the movie, because some wouldn't approve of him being gay. So they made him go to the prom with a girl. But it was more a friendship than anything else. I liked when he asked her to prom. The reason I think it was an agenda because at one point Lucas Grabeel wrote this blog about him playing gay characters but not judging the actor based on the character. He was like, "I am not the guy I play in Milk. I am not Ryan Evans." O RLY, LUCAS? So he KNOWS Ryan is gay.

And who could forget Troy's line when he told Ryan, "You're easier to dance with than her!" Ryan has definitely broken away from just being Sharpay's poodle. He's friends with everyone. He's involved with sports (though just the mascot, maybe baseball season is over? haha), he was at the party after the "Now or Never" scene, and he has no problem not giving Sharpay the spotlight. He used to just echo her and follow her around. He's his own person now, and that's so awesome. I love him.

- I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Ryan and Kelsi both got into Julliard. They honestly deserve it the most. They're gonna kick ass in NYC.
- I also LOVE that this movie went back to the point of the original movie where Troy has to choose between singing/theatre and basketball. And at the end he realizes that doing both doesn't just end in high school. There are schools where you can do both. It's adorable that he's going to school near Gabriella. I betcha that they're going to be one of those couples that has the other over every single weekend, has sex in the dorms with paper thin walls, and annoys everyone around them. But I'm glad they got a happy ending.

- THE BOYS ARE BACK. How awesome was that? I don't even care that they paired Zac with Corbin, who is the best dancer. They worked well together. They're probably one of my favorite pairs of best friends in any movie EVER. I expected it to be really weird or even kind of bad, but it was awesome. They reminisced about their childhood, it showed their little kid selves, and I don't know, I just liked it a lot. They used to play in the junkyard though? Hahahaha.

"I Want It All" was FABULOUS. I think everyone is commenting on Fanboy!Troy wanting to take his picture with Sharpay, and that is too awesome. I lol'd seeing their other classmates in positions of... well... being controlled. Gabriella was Sharpay's maid. Kelsi was a taxi driver? Hahahaha. It was just one big awesome scene. I love how Ryan resisted to the fantasy at first, but Sharpay was able to convince him. Some things you just can't change, and I'm glad it didn't change, personally.

OKAY. I have to comment on "Scream." This takes me back to when sa_slash would kind of make fun of "Bet On It" with good reason. I don't even think making fun of "Scream is possible. It was awesome. Even though it was a Zac solo and the Zac/V solos tend to be either weird/obnoxious or overdone. This one was really full of win. I loved that he tore his big head down among those posters. I think it was a parallel to the first movie where Gabriella leans against Troy's giant head. What is with East High and giant heads? Anyway, it was a great scene, and the way they ended it was fabulous. I loved Ms Darbus at the end of this. She has turned from an obnoxious teacher to a really cool teacher, despite most of her personality being the same. "Mus-i-kaaaaal." She sent in an application for Troy to Julliard. Does this mean she forged his signature? Who knows? It's Disney. In Disney-verse, it probably doesn't matter at all. Either way, Ms Darbus saw Troy's talent and encouraged him to look into other schools rather than U of A. She noted he seemed really comfortable on stage.

- "A Night To Remember"!!!!! Okay, Troy does this Travolta-esque pelvic thrust during his line "It makes me look weird" in the song. That was probably my favorite. I don't even know what he was going for, but I LOL'd.

- "We're All In This Together" chorale reprise thing. I was kind of surprised they didn't SING this. It played in the background. But still, it was good. I thought it was fitting. Speaking of which, Chad running out on the play graduation? So much emotion for a guy who has trouble showing his emotions! It was cute though. I liked his and Troy's little basketball bonding thing. And AHHH COACH BOLTON. He has become so awesome. He's changed a lot, too. He told Troy and Chad to GET BACK ON STAGE.

Seriously this movie was a big showcase on how much everyone has changed. Gabriella too, even. She's a lot less stage-shy. A lot less shy in general. That's a plus, I guess.

OKAY. "High School Musical" the song. I thought it was awesome. I thought it was going to be during some dumb scene while they were putting the play together. But no, it was their finale. And you know what? With the choreography and the whole context, I thought it was perfect. I liked the song at first, but now I really like it.

Overall, it was a really good movie. I want to watch it again at some point. Maybe when it's on watchtvsitcoms.com so that I can notice the little details that everyone else has been noting in their summaries. Like Ryan checking out Zeke out!! Stuff like that.

I'm so buying it when it's out on DVD.

Told you my thoughts were all over the place.

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