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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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Newsies meets Spring Awakening
newsies: they almost kiss

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I AGREE! Oh my gosh, Duncan and Steven are perfect.

Maybe the Blakes should alternate as Blink because I really CANNOT decide! Maybe Blake B. can be Blink and Blake D. can be Crutchy! I *LOVE* Crutchy.

Brian should be Boots. I can imagine his: "I AIN'T SCARED OF BROOKLYN... but Spot Conlin makes us a little nervous." I can just picture it.

Skylar could be Mush. I would just LOL hardcore to hear his "Met this goil last night" in Carrying The Banner.

Any ideas for Sarah? I personally think David and Jack should get together in the show (lmao) but I guess we DO need a Sarah. And a Medda!

Maybe Phoebe could be Sarah, because she'd probably make me actually like Sarah. :P

Awwwww, Blake D would make the cutest Crutchy. "It's this brain of mine...it's got a mind of it's own!"

Yesssss for Brian, and double yes for Skylar. Mush is my favourite Newsie, by far.

Uggghh. Sarah annoys me to no end. Me and my sister always sing her line from "Once and For All" as if she dies in the middle of it. So it's like, "Think about seizing the *cough*cough*hack*hack* blehhhhhhhhhhh."

But! With Phoebe as Sarah, I wouldn't mind so much. I might even encourage a Cowboy/Sarah relationship. Maybe.

Murman for Medda! Girl would be fierce.

Who are we missing??

We're probably missing a lot of the other newsies. And Kloppman, the old guy who runs the newse lodging house. As well as Snyder, Pulitzer, and Pulitzer's OTHER guy, the one who's like, "Wtf @ charging the Newsies more for their papers??"

I TOTALLY agree about Murman!

Dude, we're missing a whole crap ton of Newsies, I know. I think that Jesse and Drew Tyler Bell can just alternate and play all the others. And Robi Hager can be both Delanceys, and Glen Flesher is totally Weasel. Wiesel? Weasel. Stephen Spinella for Snyder? I dunno... Snyder freaks me out. (And then when he popped in Lost a few seasons back? Scared the crap out of me.)

Where are we going to put Gideon?

I think Gideon should be either Bumlets or the one of the other Newsies. He, Jesse, and Drew could all alternate.

Snyder freaks me out too! I'm glad he gets jailed at the end :)

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